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An Introduction

The Future of Web-3 Payments

Our team consists of carefully selected industry experts, each possessing a wealth of experience gained from renowned companies like Binance, Monzo, Revolut, eBay, eToro and Klarna. Together, we are driving the evolution of web2.0 and web3.0 payments.

Bloktopia has expedited the launch of M3TACARD by acquiring a company established in 2021. This company was dedicated to resolving challenges prevalent in the cryptocurrency payment sector.

Over a span of two and a half years, this dedicated team collaborated extensively with Mastercard, successfully navigating regulatory and compliance hurdles. This effort culminated in Mastercard’s approval and ongoing support, enabling the issuance of a cryptocurrency- friendly payment card.


Apple/Google Pay
Debit Card
Multi Currency
Self Custody
Crypto wallet

The M3TA Token

M3TACARD’s benefits are linked to M3TA tokens; the more M3TA tokens you hold grants you access to superior rewards and reduced fees when using M3TACARD. Only M3TA Token holders can apply for the M3TACARD and the privileges that accompany it.

M3TA Token Required to Obtain a M3TACARD
Higher Interest Rates on Savings
Lower Interest Rates on Borrowings
Access to More FIAT Currencies
Greater Levels of Cashback
Higher Total Account Limits
Higher ATM Withdrawal Limits

Our Team

Introducing the driving force behind M3TACARD

Jonathan Farnell

Ex-Binance Senior Executive with expertise in crypto, electronic money issuance, payments, and regulatory licensing, including roles as CEO in multiple countries. Formerly held key positions at eToroX and eToro Money.

Mike Ringer

Partner in CMS London's Financial Services Group and Co-Lead of the Crypto and Digital Assets Group. Specializes in FinTech and Digital Assets regulation; formerly Head of Legal (Europe & CIS) at Binance.

Suresh Vaghjiani

Suresh, a seasoned leader in global payments, held CEO positions at GPS, Paysafe Group, and Kalixa, with nearly two decades of experience. He represented the Fintech sector and the UK Government on trade missions to Mexico, Canada, and China.

Russ Carroll

Seasoned business executive in technology and e- commerce, was CCO at Tabby and held key roles at Klarna, Rakuten Marketing, and eBay. Proven track record for driving growth, exceeding targets, and building valuable partnerships.

Security & Control

Your security and control over assets take centre stage. Our diverse wallet solutions offer a robust framework that ensures the safety of your digital and fiat holdings.

Multi Chain Self
Custody Wallet

The wallets provide complete control, allowing for transactions, managing holdings, and accessing private keys, all while emphasizing security through a secure seed phrase.


M3TACARD is the result of a strategic collaboration between two major partners: Bloktopia and Mastercard. Bloktopia, leveraging its acquisition of a company focused on resolving cryptocurrency payment challenges, has expedited the project’s launch. Mastercard, a global leader in payment solutions, serves as the payment network processor for M3TACARD.

This partnership combines Bloktopia’s innovative approach with Mastercard’s robust processing capabilities to revolutionise the crypto payment sector.